On The Ball Media, LLC

Yeah, but what's it gonna cost me?

CORE Design Pricing

Our CORE element designs are perfect for businesses looking for a professional, cost-effective solution. All Core designs include the following pages:

  • Landing (Home)
  • About us
  • Services
  • Portfolio/Our Work
  • Contact
  • Additional pages are not included

CORE Design pricing:  $1,200

PROGRESSIVE Design Pricing

Our PROGRESSIVE designs allow for a more elegant look, more content, and adds a few bells and whistles that take the look and usability of your site to the next level.  The following pages are included:

  • Landing (Home)
  • About us
  • Services
  • Portfolio/Our Work
  • Contact
  • Up to 1 add'l page included

PROGRESSIVE Design pricing from $2,200

UNRIVALED Design Pricing

Our UNRIVALED designs are just that: Unrivaled. We used the best design elements, combined with optimal user experience to create custom-looking designs to take any business to the next level.  The following pages are included:

  • Landing (Home)
  • About us
  • Services
  • Portfolio/Our Work
  • Contact
  • Up to 4 add'l pages included

UNRIVALED Design pricing from $4,000

EXPRESS Design Pricing

Simple and straightforward, our EXPRESS design is a single, scrolling, landing page, with limited elements. Great for a product promotion or business with minimal content.

  • Landing page includes:
    • Services
    • Portfolio
    • About
    • Contact

EXPRESS Design pricing:  $750

CUSTOM Design Pricing

We will customize your site to fit your content, looks, and your imagination.  Whatever you need to be done, we can do it! 

  • Current and Responsive Designs
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Product/Service Lines
  • You tell us - we'll listen - we'll get it done

Contact Us to Discuss and get a Quote




    • Building your dream site is our goal - everything begins with you
    • We will send you a questionnaire, then schedule a meeting with you to understand your needs and answer questions
    • Once we understand your direction and requirements, we will research your market to get a better grasp on your website stands/will stand within the context of the world


    • This is the organization step and a contract will be signed per your parameters


    • After we analyze your strategy, we will assimilate the content that you have as well as suggest additional ideas; then draft a plan for how your website's information will be laid out


    • We ensure that, from a user's standpoint, all information will be laid out in a way that makes sense and can be accessed in multiple venues


    • The overall design is drafted in this step


    • From the cumulative knowledge from the preceding steps, including additional knowledge on the latest design trends, techniques and web standards, we will custom ­design your website according to your taste and needs, depending on the contract details


    • This phase is where a design starts to become a website through front-end development including HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript OQuery)


    • This section also includes content writing, photo selection, further keyword analysis, and on-page search engine optimization (SEO)


    • In this phase, higher level functionality gets added to the site, including adding the CMS (Content Management System), contact forms, software integrations, eCommerce applications, social media integrations (if more advanced than just linking to a social media page), and more, depending on the functionalities the project dictates

    Quality Assurance

    • While testing and QA is done at each stage of the development cycle, the final testing and quality assurance of the site and its functionality is the most rigorous

    • Each member of our team tests different aspects of the website to ensure maximum effectiveness and usability

    • You will be involved in this process

    Final Review

    • Together, we'll go through the site, make any necessary adjustments, and upon green light, we'll make your site live!

    • Your clients will now be able to peruse your site and get your business growing

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